Thursday, June 15, 2006


Okay, before I start on this, I would say this world has "people who think, but still donot get the point" instead they start driving on the wrong side of the road. Then they get thrown from one point to another like a rolling stone.
I say there is a cow, revolves around the sun or why sun! there exist a cow in everyone's head. Be agnostic and there is no need of proof. The point is, that what will happen to the person who wants to be on the right path, who thinks and struggles but in the end he chooses a wrong path because thats what his mind can take. Some say he'll be given the creadit for the jihad he did. And I say he's creadit will be taken of for the struggle he did not do. Because they say, "Neem hakeem khatra-e-Jaan" litral translation "Half WeedyDoctor is a danger to life". The problem arises when do you know that you've done all of your research so that you got the right conclusion. The answer is never, life is itself a learning process from a master to master. And what if you run out of time? Is this your problem? Well indeed, beleiving in the creator aloted the time slot for every person, must be enough for what should be done. It is upto the person how he make use of his time and how he wastes his life. The mathematical property of equality fails when life is time but time is not life.


Anonymous sid said...

i tried but i couldnt look at things from the same perspective as urs. how can u discredit the effort put in by a man if it leads to the wrong path? would his life then be worth nothing. maybe his efforts can pave a way for other people to continue on the same journey in search of truth?
and life is a learning process, then who is to determine what is to be done and how much is to be achieved.

July 11, 2006 7:51 PM  
Blogger W.h.i.t.e..C.h.a.l.k... said...

Indeed life is a learning process but this process does not tell if you are right or wrong, its you yourself assume from your past learning or experiences. Hence struggle should be done to search for the right. You are not on the right path until the time runs out. But if the struggle stops half the way believing in being the perfect, then the panelty is for the time the struggle was not done. Its like a person learns that the earth is round, beleiving himself being right and stops finding out more. He'll be given the creadit for learning that earth is round but there will be no marks for that the earth is oval shape or probably even more mysterious.
or As you said, We think our responsibility finishes once we learn to read the Quran..., so the creadit will be given for learning to read the Quran. But humans are given the power to "think", and if a person does not think there is no difference between that person and an animal.
"This world is 19, no one made it 20", there is always something left to be discovered. The more you achieve the better it is, the higher your rank.

July 11, 2006 11:19 PM  

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