Wednesday, August 23, 2006

The End

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I tried to write during the last couple of months or weeks. But there was something inside my holding me back. I had this desire and urge to share the mystical experiences I went through, but I was afraid to write them as if some one read it might get deviated from the path. As I was myself wandering on the edge. I am an extremist. I am saying this in the hope to change it. I was very religious pious and God fearing, I walked towards it, as I was going to the extreme, those were the days when my prayers were accepted, except the one, that was not accepted I believe, but instead it taught me a lesson of my life, yet I'll not go into the grave where this secret is burried. Then time passed by, I changed schools, and there was this time, that I hanged around with the 'bad' boys of school. Slowely and slowely the fear of God slipped away from the heart, things got worse, no sin was big enough for, that was a kind of extreme of the baddest of me, yet not that bad as I always said to myself that I'll change myself. Time passed by I left the country, slowly consiousness faded away, there was no good and evil, yet the boundries were still maintained that should never be crossed. As the evil sat on the throne, life became unconsiously miserable, that I could not see my self, It was the extreme of the evil inside, still walking towards it, drowned in dark blind love. Introduced to new species in the world, not very long after, realization strucked, the veil was taken off, the world around changed, reason and consious woke up after a long sleep, soul became alive, evil was recognised, the war was on and is still on. World seemed beautifull, dissolved in it, struggling for power, achieved part of the power but on the wrong side of the road yet walking towards right, no danger was big enough to crush the will. the The coin flipped, why is life was the cause, for there is no existance without a reason, search for the light in the darkness is not easy, journey with the evil and journey with the light are two different things, danger was felt, walking on the verge of eternal destruction. For there is no cause without a reason, journey was the cause, light and evil was the free will. "No struggle shalt be ruined, what thee struggle for will thee get", search for God was the extreme of mystical journey, the experiences are not explainable, light was felt, existance was without existance, a different world of the soul exists, love for death took over, believers are not afraid of death, yet life shalt not be ruined, the sacred scripture spoke the truth, full of wisdom and knowledge, soul calmed, reason took over yet not challenged the truth, for reason should never challenge the high sphere. Philosophers are perceiving things with their eyes closed. For knowledge in this universe is the knowledge in the universe, the words in the universe will never be able to perceive out side the universe and time. A circle of knowledge, everything inside the circle contains the knowledge that is inside the circle but not out side the circle. Minds work by comparisons, something is big, it is big because it is bigger then someother small thing. If there is no small there is no big. For if there is no false, there is no truth, false exists on the mercy of Truth. Eternal Truth is distinguished only if there exists some false. Let live life moderately.
Glorious is God, Whose Glory is above all, Light upon Light.

Thursday, July 20, 2006


Some people have it,
some dont.
Some people dont realise it,
when its taken away,
some people takes the full of it.
People who dont have it,
some fight for it,
some cry for it,
some live with it,
some wants to fight,
but they cant fight,
they are tied,
some are tied with strings,
some are behind the bars,
some are tied by time,
some are tied with love,
some are not tied,
but they think they are tied.
Some times in life are called happy times, they come and pass by and leaves a message behind that sad times are on its way. When sad times arrive, most of the time, they are directly proportional to the happy times. Meaning that the longer and the better the happy times were, sad times will have the same density. Then when it is unbearable, then I just want to live a normal, neither good nor bad times, I ignore things surrounding me. The things that usually contribute to the good and bad times, the things that brings the creativity and life to the life. Life gets boring, nothing makes it happy or sad. Emotions sleeps. Life slows. Feelings die. Heart stops. Thinking blurs. And then I dont feel my presence in the world. I am outside looking inside for an oppurtunity to drop the bomb. The effect is there, but the life rolls back and process goes on and on...

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Cry this soul to rebirth in the hope of a better one.
Fry this soul to rebirth in the hope of a better one.

Sunday, June 18, 2006

FutoPastic Generation

Its after a long time writting has started to flow of my fingers again. The interesting fact is the rapid thoughts being flowing through. The world is changing. On the verge of destruction and still rotating towards it. Just one attack and the world will be going through another World War. Imagine how things will change, tanks moving around the cities! Wont it change your life style! And the minds will change. I believe change is not a good word and to better use strengthen up. This strengths goes to the genes, and the generation is Built.
Plants are the beauty, the animals are the lively hood of this world.


Plants are the beauty, the animals are the lively hood of this world.

Thursday, June 15, 2006


Okay, before I start on this, I would say this world has "people who think, but still donot get the point" instead they start driving on the wrong side of the road. Then they get thrown from one point to another like a rolling stone.
I say there is a cow, revolves around the sun or why sun! there exist a cow in everyone's head. Be agnostic and there is no need of proof. The point is, that what will happen to the person who wants to be on the right path, who thinks and struggles but in the end he chooses a wrong path because thats what his mind can take. Some say he'll be given the creadit for the jihad he did. And I say he's creadit will be taken of for the struggle he did not do. Because they say, "Neem hakeem khatra-e-Jaan" litral translation "Half WeedyDoctor is a danger to life". The problem arises when do you know that you've done all of your research so that you got the right conclusion. The answer is never, life is itself a learning process from a master to master. And what if you run out of time? Is this your problem? Well indeed, beleiving in the creator aloted the time slot for every person, must be enough for what should be done. It is upto the person how he make use of his time and how he wastes his life. The mathematical property of equality fails when life is time but time is not life.

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Time of Life...

Is it me walking fast or the life is passing by...

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Buzzing days and nights...

Red Bull is the alternative to sleep in these busy days and nights...
It gives you wings and horns...

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Loyee Daryaab 2

lovee daryab da meenay nashi pa warha zarha
shuma yaar bya da sta ghunte pa na zrha
yao gham nade che ye ukrhay aye khatira
dair ghamuna de kawa ye pa sarha zarha

ma way nan ba me zrha uuchwee khu darduna de teerege
praida sakrhe tapsuna khu wakhtuna de teregee

jorhe ta irada karhe da ratlo zama pa loree
nan me makhe ta daorhande mashaluna de terege

ashna za yai shum zghamele har kawe da sta da lasa
ka har sumra de ghamuna sitamuna de terege

sta da husan pa bahar ke yara norey rangenay shta
dade da har pa khatir maande ghamuna de terege

ma way nan ba me zrha uuchwee khu darduna de teerege
praida sakrhe tapsuna khu wakhtuna de teregee

(Ghani Khan da S.A.Takar pa awaz ke)

Loyee Daryaab 1

Loyee daryab da meenay nashe pa warha zrha
waye shuma yara by da sta ghuntay pana zrha

Che pa khwla kawee yawa aao zrha bala
da hagha sara ba meena karhe pa sa zarha.

khair nan ka darta maa okatal khu ta raokatal
khu goram ba de bya ka de saba raokatal

Waye pa makha che nan raghle makh de sala patawo
krho gham de rata jorh che de pa sha raokatal
goram ba de bya ka de saba raokatal

dunya rata ra goore da kato na oowatam
che ta rata katale de duniya raokatal
goram ba de bya ka de saba raokatal

yao dam me zrha naray sho ay amzolo khande ma
khatir che draim nevale pa jarha raokatal
goram ba de bya ka de saba raokatal

(Ghani Khan da S.A.Takar pa awaz ke)

Over dosage of music

music is like fantasy.
it takes a person to fantasy world out of reality
a person whose feeling lonely feels more lonely and a person feeling lively gets him to the dance floor, especially when his personality is vulnerable.
and an indian listening to Tupac thinks he's one of african americans
then he do crazy things,
then he is not accepted/attracted to his culture and people..
and the natives dont accept him either..
and that poor human gets lost in search of acceptance
then a couple of more likely lost minded people join them
and that poor human gets happy and for a short while trying his best to keep up with the pace..induldged in materialistic life..
in the end he dont have a soul of his own but a soul of some material.


Please fill the gaps with what you like to read.
The atomic situations in life is a coin, with two sides, do or die.