Wednesday, August 23, 2006

The End

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I tried to write during the last couple of months or weeks. But there was something inside my holding me back. I had this desire and urge to share the mystical experiences I went through, but I was afraid to write them as if some one read it might get deviated from the path. As I was myself wandering on the edge. I am an extremist. I am saying this in the hope to change it. I was very religious pious and God fearing, I walked towards it, as I was going to the extreme, those were the days when my prayers were accepted, except the one, that was not accepted I believe, but instead it taught me a lesson of my life, yet I'll not go into the grave where this secret is burried. Then time passed by, I changed schools, and there was this time, that I hanged around with the 'bad' boys of school. Slowely and slowely the fear of God slipped away from the heart, things got worse, no sin was big enough for, that was a kind of extreme of the baddest of me, yet not that bad as I always said to myself that I'll change myself. Time passed by I left the country, slowly consiousness faded away, there was no good and evil, yet the boundries were still maintained that should never be crossed. As the evil sat on the throne, life became unconsiously miserable, that I could not see my self, It was the extreme of the evil inside, still walking towards it, drowned in dark blind love. Introduced to new species in the world, not very long after, realization strucked, the veil was taken off, the world around changed, reason and consious woke up after a long sleep, soul became alive, evil was recognised, the war was on and is still on. World seemed beautifull, dissolved in it, struggling for power, achieved part of the power but on the wrong side of the road yet walking towards right, no danger was big enough to crush the will. the The coin flipped, why is life was the cause, for there is no existance without a reason, search for the light in the darkness is not easy, journey with the evil and journey with the light are two different things, danger was felt, walking on the verge of eternal destruction. For there is no cause without a reason, journey was the cause, light and evil was the free will. "No struggle shalt be ruined, what thee struggle for will thee get", search for God was the extreme of mystical journey, the experiences are not explainable, light was felt, existance was without existance, a different world of the soul exists, love for death took over, believers are not afraid of death, yet life shalt not be ruined, the sacred scripture spoke the truth, full of wisdom and knowledge, soul calmed, reason took over yet not challenged the truth, for reason should never challenge the high sphere. Philosophers are perceiving things with their eyes closed. For knowledge in this universe is the knowledge in the universe, the words in the universe will never be able to perceive out side the universe and time. A circle of knowledge, everything inside the circle contains the knowledge that is inside the circle but not out side the circle. Minds work by comparisons, something is big, it is big because it is bigger then someother small thing. If there is no small there is no big. For if there is no false, there is no truth, false exists on the mercy of Truth. Eternal Truth is distinguished only if there exists some false. Let live life moderately.
Glorious is God, Whose Glory is above all, Light upon Light.