Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Void - Null Pointer Exception

Exams are over(10), a week ago, got holidays, doing job(14).

There has been so much things in my mind. I wanted to write but I didn't. Every night, I get so many ideas rolling around in my head about random stuff. I say to myself, ok I'll remember this, will write it some time later. later theres nothing.
Every thing seems to be abstract.
wake up, work, back, eat, watch, work, sleep
- repeat the above step.
Waking up is abstract, I dont remeber how i wake up, its getting late every time, just jump out.
Work is abstract, I dont know what am I doing, I dont know what I have to do, But I am there and doing something, I am waiting, give me orders or let me give you orders.
Coming back is implementing the same abstract everyday.
watching is killing time, every thing reflects back before it reach to the cognitive part, there might be power shortage at the communication channel.
sleeping - An hour of brain storming before getting down.
Deep thoughts on
- feminists (Wipe them out)
- Kids social education
- Human Memmory
- Time passing (Older u r, quicker it passes)..
- (Object Oriented) Religion Culture Interface.

this whole post is , i dont know, its a bit hard to understand, the words are not flowing properly. I can see a couple of "I"'s here, its getting personal. Let you become the diary.
Throw Null pointer Exception, i cant be bothered to catch it.
word abstract is sometimes in java's perspective.
Everything is shuffled, I better go to bed.