Friday, January 27, 2006

Red and Black day for A.N.P.

The death of Khan Abdul Wali Khan, one of the nationalist leader of Pukhtunkhwa, brought the black day for the red flag. Another chapter of Pukhtun nationalist politics came to an end.

Monday, January 23, 2006

"Friendliness" of Microsoft

Some chinese at the university they are a bit extra user friendly. You say, 'ni hao' and their electrons over excites. But thats not the case with windows, people alwats complained that it is an extra user friendly OS. But well I don't think so, there are many times when Microsoft's Windows just say "Kiss my ass" and here is an example:
Read the recommendation, 'if Windows still does not recognize it, replace the device'. Holy Cow can you get more rude then this!! My device [Portable harddisk] is perfectly fine and it was working 5 minutes before and it will work again when I restart, and you are telling me to replace my device!!
When Microsoft says, they are improving they are actually hiring more indians. So the more they improve the more the more it sucks. I think Microsoft is a big black blob in the name of being "User friendly".

..And yes she's h0t ...

Thats her.
Yea she;s h0t
see I told you
You know what, I can light up my house if I convert all the heat thats generated from that friction in her jeans!!.
Thats the most geekiest thing I;ve ever heard of you.
Thanks, but I was sarcastic and you should get a life.
Shes my life!!.
Then get her, and stop wasting me time lookin at strangers.