Friday, December 02, 2005

mouse pointer

The above pictures looks a bit different then the actual cursors. Have no idea why is that. You can click on it to download it. Downloading will approximately takes 4seconds for each pointer.

Installation steps:

1. After you download it click "Start".
2. "Start" button is located on the left bottom corner of your computer screen if you are using microsoft's widows 9x,nt,me or xp and no other application is running. For people using other operating systems help may be provided on request.
3. After you click "Start", you should see some changes on your screen, if you do really see some changes, bingo, you have just passed the first step. Congratualtions on your success, so now you should be able to see rectangular box with some stuff written in it. Try to recognise the language of the written stuff. At this stage if you cannot recognise the language then I'll recommend to join a school and learn the language that you do not recognise.
4. Now that you are able to read the stuff written in the rectangular box, try to find "Control Panel", if you find it successfully, jump to step 6.
5. Find "Settings" written, move you mouse pointer slowly over it, it should be highlighted in an unsual highlighting colour. Wait for a little while until another rectangular box appears on the side of it. Now try to locate "Control Panel" written some where in that box.
6. Now move your mouse pointer over it, it should be highlighted in an unusual colour. Now that you have enough confidence and courage, press the left mouse button. This pressing is also called as "clicking". I should have told you this in the first place. Remember, clicking requires alot of courage, confidence and muscle power, if you lack any of this stuff, please visit your phsycologist as soon as possible, and explain the situation in deep detail. Alternatively you can read my book, "The first book of Clicking".
7. After the painfull process of clicking, a window should appear on the screen. Wait, before you freak out, this window might look different then the window in your room. It should have some icons in it, in other words some little pictures in it.
8. Now find a mouse icon there. If you cant find a mouse icon consult your granny that you cannot find a mouse in your computer. Other wise click it, but this time click it two times and be quick. I know it is a very hard process and requires a lot of energy, if you cannot do it or if you are preserving your precious energy for some other important work follow the alternative way.
Alternative way: Click once and press "enter". "Enter" should be located on the key board. If you dont know what a keyboard is read my book, "Key board for Peanuts".

9. Another window should be up by now. This window will look a bit different then the window you ;ve just seen. It is not your fault that each window looks different.
10. Its getting exciting now. You have almost entered into the most crucial part of installation. There is no way back! ok there is, but I am not telling you that.
11. Find a "tab", 'Pointers' written on it. If you dont know what a "tab" is then dont. Just find pointers written.
12. Now move your mouse pointer as you did in the previous steps and confidently press the left button. Remember the clicking!!. Click on it.
13. Ay Corrummba, you are almost there, the contents of the window will change, now find 'Normal Select' written and the pointer that you are using currently should be there as well. Click there and find a button written "Browse" on it. If you dont know what a button is dont panic, go to an electronics store and ask the person working there what a button is.
14. Now that you have clicked Browse, another window should appear, isnt it fun opening different types of windows. Browse to the location on your computer where you downloaded the cursors. Select the cursor that you want your mouse pointer to be. Selection can be done by clicking over the cursor.
15. Click "open" button, browse window will magically disappear. you can even show this magic to you friends and family.
16. You should be able to see the cursor that you selected some where on the screen.
17. Now click "Ok" button.
18. Green Cow, You did it. Cant believe yourself?, look at the pointer. Move your mouse pointer and you;ll be surprised to see the difference.
Now Thank me for providing these instruction, you can send gifts, pizzas choclates as well.

Thursday, December 01, 2005


Tagged by thee highness Little Princess

*yet another tag*

P . E . R . S . O . N . A . L . S .

-Name/initials: Saky
-Birthday: 10 Nov
-Siblings: four
-Height: Taller then some shorter then others

F. A . S . H . I . O . N . S . T . U . F . F .

-Where is your favorite place to shop: Any exotic place, must have shops for clothes and electronics.

.S . P . E . C . I . F . I . C . S .

-What are you most scared of?: Nothing.
-What would you change about yourself?: Some stuff in my head.

F . A . V . O . R . I . T . E . S .

-Color: Colorless yet not transparent. - depends this question needs to be more specific - .

-Food: Pizzas cheesy ones. Grilled beef [with cheese will be a bonus]. And all, the so called 'junk' food.

-subjects in school: It was maths, I used to get good marks in it.

-Hobbies: Programming, trying to enjoy nature.
-Have you Ever Smoked?: A lil bit of everything.

-bungee jumped?: Its in the list of my next adventurous trip.

-been in love?: Time to time.

-Ever made yourself cry to get out of trouble?: yeah

-cried when someone died?: no

C . U . R . R . E . N . T .

-music: some opra music, "its not that i like to listen, its just that i m at work"
-desktop picture: No picture, a blue background!

-book you're reading: none, returned all the library books.
-in cd player: linkin park - not listening.
-in DVD player: Nothing i guess.

A . R . E . Y . O . U .

-insecure: about? probably No.
-moody: Yeah.
-hard working: At times
-organized: try to be, most of the times.
-shy: hmm...depends...
-difficult: For some.
-messy: try not to be.
-obsessed: at high times.

R . A . N . D . O . M .

-In the morning I am: Driving to work.
-I dream about: Having Software houses.

F . I . N . A . L . Q . U . E . S . T . I . O . N . S .

-what was the last film you saw at the movies? Can't remember the name, but there was this dude from the 70's show in it.
-what did you have for breakfast this morning?: Nothing, Waiting for coffee.
-could you live without your computer?: I guess yeah, but it'll be a bit hard life.
-Gold or Silver: and Dimonds! I like all the bling blings.
-would you color your hair?: I guess yeah, I dont want my kids to look at me like an old man.(if i have)


No one.