Saturday, December 10, 2005


"Red Red Wine" fans are bit calm now. It wasnt long when they were buying tickets even for $5000 bucks. I donot know whether "Red Red Wine" really even deserve it or not. Their promise of the next performance was indeed a cold breese for the boiling fans.
Some people baught a couple of extra tickets of their first and only show here at the time. And started to sell those tickets at 'trade me' with a "bit" of a profit. Some sellers even declared themselves as being professional in these kind of acts by calling it as a 'business'.

But who cares about "my blue blue heart"
and you dont need to "stay close to me" either
and what else should i say about the person who screwed up the word "her" by saying it like "heiyy.r.."...
I gess sum wud prafar Professor Respected Sir Doctor Dre lecturing on Chronic.