Wednesday, March 22, 2006

The words of life...

Life is just on a silver fern of life floating in search of the right path.

Monday, March 20, 2006

Explaining Time

This is another one of those theories that I tried to explain Time. This theory is completely different then the last ones and does not relate to light. Infact time doesnt have to do anything with light. Light is just a measure of time that we use, but not time it self. Neither does it have to do anything with the speed of light. Scientists discovered to slow down the speed of light, so if we slow down the light speed, does this means the system related to that light will be in slow time phase? I don;t think so.
Time, is the delta of this system. In other words time is the change in a system. Suppose we have two persons isolated from the outer system, then if there is no change (physically, mentally, spirtually, any kind of change) in them over "time", then they were not in the time frame.
In this world, if nothing changes over a certain period, that is "nothing", day doesnt change to night and vice versa, people dont grow old, etc. then this world will experience being in timeless frame.
However, an interesting fact, that is death (rise and fall), may also can define the time in another way.