Monday, March 13, 2006

The new mother of innovation...and a reall pen mouse system

We have handwritting recognition system and we have pens. And we had those mechanical roller mouse, and we had it in a pen shape as well. And also we have small memory devices like USB Flash cards. Now lets combine all this together. It will make a nice "murabba".
A pen that has the same system a mouse wheeler but a tinier that can be fit near the ball point. That'll recognise the handwriting and store it in a document file in the memory to be accessed later using computer.
Or else even the current system will do, whynot put together an optical mouse system with a pen. The only bit is to decrease the size of the lens. But still we had those computers to the size of a room, its ok to have a pen be the size of a marker.
It'll definetly be a success as I wont have to write those meeting minutes twice. Moreover if we attach a wireless network access to it I wont even have to find a computer and cvs the minutes.

Moral of the story: Laziness is the mother of innovation.
And they say find human needs!! why not simply find the lazy ones and see what they do...