Friday, August 26, 2005


~~Friday, August 26, 2005~~

Money; people love money, some don’t. Some think money is evil, some think money is everything. While some may think there shouldn’t be any money. But then that makes it too independent. Yes, money makes people go independent, and yes of course this might be the system how money flows. And if you play trade, you will be more and more dependent on each other. Dependence is good, some times bad, although we shall not dig that at this stage. But despite all of this, every one tries for it at least once at some stage. While as the cash in flow starts and as it increases the need also starts to increase with the speed directly proportional to the cash in flow. People always have piggy banks; these piggy banks can be in the form of a pocket or in the form of a bank. The point is people save money, sometimes for a short term other times for long terms. People save the money to do something with it. Some might be trying to get stable, like buying a house. While some might be keeping it for bad times. While others may have future plans, and they’ll be digging for it. As the cash starts to arise from a certain level, people starts digging more and more. As you might still be paying for some thing, and if you are sure enough that some money is expected to arrive, there is very high chance that you will start making plan for your next investment. Although the investment can be in the form of buying a cloth or buying some food. You think about that investment and you get distracted. You get distracted from the outer world; it may can just be for a little while or more. But the more you think the more you get distracted and this distraction sums up. The distraction can be directed towards “how to get more money?” if there is less, or it may be directed towards “What should I do with the extra money?” And there are infinite amount of ideas in these “Universes”*. In terms of physics, distraction is a vector, with a magnitude and a direction. The direction will always be directing towards some where in the universe* at some degree. Here I must say that the degrees of direction will always be less then the discreet and infinite degrees in the real world or universe* (although it is another philosophical, abstract and profound topic that will not be discussed here). One may also be able to say that the human brain can think of infinitely amount of ideas that are present in the universe*--. The magnitude of the distraction is the length or may be the density of the distraction, with some mass and volume. The more the volume is the more ideas are covered. While the more the mass is the more the chances are to implement those ideas. However the distraction must have some volume so that some ideas are covered, and must have enough mass to implement the idea. +++

In regards to this paper the context ‘distraction’ can be defined in many ways and have many different meanings. One of the definitions of ‘distraction’ is the distraction from the real world of interaction with your loved ones, your social dependence, your parents, your neighbours, and your kids. xThe interaction may also just get limited to get money.x

Thursday, August 25, 2005

The Time Travel Theory

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Tuesday, August 23, 2005

The COOL Umbrella

Well well well... Today it was raining once again and as usual. I woke up early in the morning 10 o’clock; as soon as I stepped out of my bed I felt the cold breeze. Not surprisingly my brother left the door open. Anyway still having no idea what’s going on out side, I did the usuals and went to the door, opened the door to have a look how’s the weather! As soon as I looked out side my inner me said "damit". Why? Because I will have to carry an umbrella all day long. Any way I had my breakfast, and turned on the computer for no reason. Browsed through internet and spent as much time inside the house as I could. I had my lecture at 2, but well had some assignments due so my plan was to leave early. And that early was just an hour before the lecture. By the time my flat mate and my brother came back home for lunch. Anyway I made my mind to get out. So I looked for an umbrella. There were a few umbrellas; two of them were big size, and the rest two small ones. I prefer the small ones as they are easy to carry. I took one of the umbrellas found out that it was broken heart. Hence I went for the other small one. As I was about to pick that up, with lightning speed my flat mate did his move.
What was that? I looked at him.
Bro I need the umbrella. He said
Aren’t you gona stay at home? I asked
With a big smile on his face, he replied bro I got a class at 2.
While I was making plan to some how get his umbrella, he handed me one of the big size umbrella.
Here take this one, he said.
I looked at the umbrella, unwillingly took the umbrella from him and said bro this one is too big I have to carry like an old man.
He grabbed the umbrella from me, came out, and started to walk, on each step he tapped the top of the umbrella, the metal, on the ground making the sound "cratach" "cratach" and said "just do like this".
Well having no other choice I took the umbrella and started to walk to Uni.
It was not raining that much, so I thought not to open the umbrella. Giving it a second thought, I felt sorry for my cool jacket that I was wearing. That jacket meant a lot to me. Why? It’s a different story. So I looked for the magic button to open the umbrella. It was not that hard to find the magic button, "There must be some good designers having knowledge of HCI, involved in the making of the umbrella" hmmm... Well it was not a special umbrella; it was just like a normal big size umbrella. However as it belonged to me, It was not normal any more. As I pressed the button of the umbrella, it opened like a huge bat opening its arms making the sound ffhhrrraaabbbbb. I looked at it, but not for long. Anyway I kept walking reached Uni and went to my first lecture. I laid the umbrella horizontally on the ground under my seat. But some how it moved a bit and slipped near my feet. I pushed it back right under my seat using my feet not any one else letting to know about this. Anyway, all the way to the lecture it didn’t give me any troubles. So it was all good. Finished my lecture I took the umbrella, and walked to my next lecture room, while tapping the umbrella on the ground as I was told to! As I reached to the lecture room, there was the last lecturer still lecturing. Well I had to wait out side holding the umbrella and of course carrying extra weight. But it was worth it as it saved my cool jacket from getting wet. I was waiting and waiting and waiting there. Soon I realized that none of my classmates are present! What the! (Say it like how Rove says it) well It made me think that there might not be any lecture today. So I thought to wait for a while and then see if still there is no one then I will have no choice other then to snatch and emotionally torture the lecturer how I waited there for such long long long 10 minutes holding the extra weight of my umbrella. Meanwhile, there’s this one guy appeared from my right, and another and another all in a group at once and then the lecturer. By the way those guys that appeared were my classmates. Well, one of the dudes came up looked in the little windowish thing on the door, and hummed in a thinky way...
"Hmm.....still going on" he said
"Yea" I replied.
And then my eyes caught his umbrella.
He had a green umbrella!!! A Greeeeeeeeennnn one!!! Hmmmm.... (Hmm like homer does it) and a little smaller then my one. And as soon as I saw that
I said "Your umbrella is smaller then my umbrella”. And then the evil laugh came out of me...huhuhuhahahaa...
"Well you should be really proud of it then" he said.
"Yeah I am!!” proudly said that!
"And my one has two colours black and red!!" I further added, with excitement.
"Well then you should be two times proud!!"He said.

(Rest of the cool umbrella may come or not, It is recommended not to hold your breath)

Monday, August 22, 2005

Human is a Story - An actor - Part I

In every day life you may come across different people. You may see different people. You may talk to different or same people. You may also share your thoughts, your way of thinking. It is very common for people to Create an image of a person in your mind. And especially when you meet some one for the first time. You'll not just watch them but you will observe the person. You 'll create the image of that person in your mind, it maybe a good image or bad image. However this image might just consist this information, good or bad. There are a lot of other things that you associate with this image. It is like writing captions to a picture, some people put the time stamp on a picture, some write the date and some even write the full description, for example when was the picture taken?, where was the picture taken?, what was going on that time?Who ever the people?Writing names of the people and etc etc. Similarly this is what happens in a human mind. When you meet some one you create an image with the description. The description usually depends on your interest in that particular person. If you are interested in that person, in any manner, you'll notice many things associated with that person. And if you are not, you may will simply take the basic description. Examples can be found in every day life, just need some observations. While this description that your mind note down, the information is changed by some other information or appended to it as you interact or observe the person again and again. Lets observe that information you have in your mind about a specific person. That information can reveal the behavior of the person quite easily. It can be easily noted that every person in this world is a story, has a story, a part of story. Also, that person is an actor, director and producer.

Think about the people in the system, or observe them. Notice every thing that person does, each and every single thing. How does he/she walk ? What pace does he/she walks on? What is the position of his/her feet when he/she steps? How does his/her hands move when he/she walks? Does it move at all !? And a lot more... Think about if while he/she is walking does he/she touches him/her self? How often does he/she do that? If you note a female, you'll probably see that it is fairly common for a girl to put her hand on her cheek, or while sitting, one hand might be on her face or might be playing with her hair or just her head might be tilted. Although it is not that common for a male. Lets look at some people that I have met across. There is this girl called Melissa (imaginary name). When she walks, she look straight. Not down not up simply straight. She does not even look left or right unless it is really something worthy to look or some one is calling her. There was one time when I was calling her, and she didn't even look back. I had to go near her. When asked why didn't she look back, she said that she thought its some one else calling to some other person not me. Now either she was thinking deep about something or it might not be common with her that some one is calling her. But by close observation, she is the kind of person who is thinking about her self when walking. Thinking about herself in the sense that she is thinking how does she look like when she's walking, or some times that how does she might.......... More to come

Sunday, August 21, 2005

The Time Travel Theory

~19th August 2005~

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