Monday, September 05, 2005

Life in frames

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Keywords: Life after death, Life in frames, Animated life, Sleep mode, Speed of time, Time controlling, Souls in time frame, Day of judgement.

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Sunday, September 04, 2005

me and Biorythmic Cycle

I have been experiencing this strange kind of cycle through out my life that I was never able to give a name or define it properly. I have always noticed my intellectual and emotional effectiveness at times. And what i really really have noticed is my determination and willpower for course study. November to april is the most effective time when I am truelly determind for studying. After that till July my determination is very low. July to mid August is the crest and trough till end of October. This situation is defined by the scientific Biorythmic Cycle that I read today. This is something that attracted me towards itself. It may not be accurate but it is atleast defined in an official way and by two different scientists.

According to the scientific biorythm, here is my biorythm...

I havent yet researched whether this rythm is accurate or not however you can create and research on your own biorythm. click here to create.

Here what the scientific Biorythm is:
Humans have three repeating biorhythmic cycles:

Physical, which lasts for 23 days
Emotional, which lasts for 28 days
Intellectual, which lasts for 33 days

The length of each cycle is the same for everyone. The cycles are based on your birth date, and are tracked in tandem throughout your life. So, you can find out what kind of day you are going to have tomorrow, next week, or in three years!

How does the physical cycle affect me?
The physical cycle occurs over 23 days. Throughout those 23 days, the quality of your physical performance will vary, depending on where you are within the cycle.
During the positive phase of the cycle you experience better physical endurance and strength. During the negative phase of this cycle you are more susceptible to fatigue, disease, and coordination problems.

How does the emotional cycle affect me?
The emotional cycle governs how you feel about and react to certain situations. The cycle lasts 28 days. Some researchers also believe that the emotional cycle is responsible for "bio-luck," the concept that you are lucky on some days and unlucky on others.
Generally, any endeavors you undertake will have a better outcome during the positive phase of the emotional cycle. The higher the sine wave, the better the outcome!

How does the intellectual cycle affect me?

The intellectual cycle governs judgment, decision-making, and memory. Your intellectual abilities cycle over a 33-day period.
During the positive phase of the cycle, your mind is quite sharp — almost as if the synapses in your brain are firing faster. During the negative phase of the intellectual cycle, you may find it difficult to recall information, such as phone numbers and names.

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