Friday, May 19, 2006

UnIdentified bodies in your room

When you turn off the liGHt in a dark rOom. You cannot See the objecTs in the room. It does not mean that there are no objects in the room, you simply cannot see them. One may say that they can feel it, however a body, that cannot be sensed, may be present there in the room. If something that cannot be sensed, does not satisfies that something is not there. By saying that, there might be other bodies in your room that are simply not in your dimension or that they cannot be sensed normally.

In conclusion believe in ghosts or else they'll chew on you alive. *Evil Laugh Echoes The Room*

Discovering the Past

Suppose the sun dies right now, we shall notice the death after eight minutes, as it takes eight minutes to reach the light from the sun to us(on earth). Hence, a star that is billions of light years away, might would have died years back millions of years back. So, it is that we are looking at the past. Hence, it is an illusion, what we see in our present, it actually does not exist.
Watching live news is something similar, it takes time to reach the signals to our T.V. Now if the news caster dies, we will notice it on t.v. after a short while. That means that we are watching past events on t.v.
Now, in real life; a person standing infront of you at a distance dies, you'll notice it in some finite amount of time. Hence we are watching past.
The more closer the body is to you the less it is in the past. That leaves only you to yourself, however your body parts may be still acting in the past.

"In conclusion every thing is an illusion. By inverting the above we can also find out the illusion of future."

Extending: As a body reaches you it becomes less and less in the past. Finally, as the body reaches so close to you that it is in you, the body is no more in the past. Hence, when a person dies infront of you, as the event reaches you, it becomes less and less past and finally becomes present to you. The news caster, as died, as the signal reached you, it became present for you. However, your present maynot be the same as the news caster or the person in front of you.

In conclusion every body has its own present and past (and maybe future).

:It is all related to vision, however sound has its own present and past.