Thursday, January 12, 2006

My unpredictable fantasies

Me fantasies are unlimited sometimes it makes me worry and they changes with a blink of an eye. I am exaggerating, but they do changes often, and these days I am fallen in love, with Guns, specifically pistols, I dream about getting those exotic Lugers. And I want to get one to play around with it as soon as I can, So I am planning to fly back to me country or to US, but its a secret [Not any more] that me will be flying for, just to buy some pistols.
And I heard that damn CIA is recording blogs. So you guys who have fantasies about producing weapons of mass destruction better keep it on the low.

This pocket exotic colt is like pocket size Britannica to me, will look good on the shelf.

And who can resist this Luger.

And this Colt.

Wednesday, January 11, 2006


Some Basics about Street marijuana:

Hook ups – Person to contact for drug supply S: Got any hook ups?
Tinny house – House where you can buy marijuana. S: Where are the tinny houses?
Marijuana – Weed, Dope, Mary-Jane, pot, gunja, dak, Grass, Wacky backy, Electric puha,Greens, Ussh Usshh [sound]. S: Got some greens/weed?
Stash – Collection/Supply of Marijuana S: Wheres the Stash? - Lets stash.
Toke – A puff of Marijuana S: Toke up hard - Give me a toke.
Drag – A puff of Marijuana or of a Cigarette
Tinny/Foil – A small quantity of marijuana usually wrapped in foil [Costs $20 usually in New Zealand] S: Who got the tinny? - Lets get a tinny
Ounce – An ounce of marijuana - S: Ounce costs heap.
Fifty bag/Fiddy bag – A bag of marijuana worth fifty dollars. S: How much a fiddy bag costs?
Sesh – Participation in smoking marijuana (similar to having a round of drinks either with other people or alone). S: Wana have a sesh? - Lets go for a sesh. - He had a sesh with his mates.
Hot spot - Smoking marijuana in a closed room/car and filling it up with smoke. S: Pull up the windows to hot spot in the car.
Hash – Marijuana used usually in the form of baking. S: Its not weed its Hash!
Hash oil/Resin – Oil derived from the resin of Hash. S: Oil tastes yuck!
Hash cakes – Cakes (usually muffins, brownies, cake) made with hash. S: let cook a hashcake.
Bong/Pipe – Paraphernalia used to partake in marijuana. This can be made from household items such as aluminium cans, bottles, buckets, plastic bags (also know a lung), knives, spoons, stove elements, Apple. S: He made a bong out of an apple.
Cone/Buds – Form of marijuana most commonly used in spotting and pipes. (The most potent part of the Marijuana plant). S: Lets toke up some buds.
Spot – Small amount of marijuana burnt on heated metal (i.e. Over an element on a knife/spoon), then the smoke is heavly inhaled through a funnel like thing (i.e. bottomless bottle, funnel). S: we are having spots at daz place.
Cabbage – The other parts of the marijuana plant excluding the buds. S: lets toke up the cabbage!
Stoned – The effect which marijuana produces to an individual. S: you are stoned. - That dude was stoned to death.
Body Stoned – Temporary paralysis to part of (or the whole of) the body as an effect of smoking marijuana. S: Cheese Cake will body stone you.
Out of it – Description of a person in an impaired state of mind due to their use of marijuana or/and alcohol. S: Hes out.
Ching eyed/High – See stoned