Thursday, September 01, 2005



This checklist, based on careful evaluation, can measure the effectiveness of your person­ality in terms of the public relations profession.
Rate each item "yes" or "no." Each "yes" counts for 4 points. A "no" doesn't count. Anything below 60 is a poor score. A score between 60 and 80 suggests you should ana­lyze your weak areas and take steps to correct them. Scores above 80 indicate an effective public relations personality

- Good sense of humor
- Positive and optimistic
- Friendly, meet people easily
- Can keep a conversation going with anybody.
- Take frustration and rejection in stride
- Able to persuade others easily
- Well-groomed, businesslike ap­pearance
- Flair for showmanship
- Strong creative urge
- Considerate and tactful
- Adept in use of words
- Able to gain management's con­fidence
- Enjoy being with people
- Enjoy listening
- Enjoy helping other people resolve problems
- Curious about many things
- Enjoy reading in diverse areas
- Determined to complete projects
- High energy level
- Can cope with sudden emergen­cies
- See mistakes as learning experi­ences
- Factual and objective
- Respect other people's viewpoints
- Perceptive and sensitive
- Quickly absorb and retain infor­mation

Source: PRSSA Forum, Spring 1990.

Look into his eyes

...Look into his eyes for a while...
What do you say?

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Give me a TITLE for this..

Current Title: Did you hear it!?
Look what they are doing..they are playing cards..just like kids play hide n is cards big boys game!!..They are fighting in the game..they are shouting..making coments..why did u put that? isn't hearts the trump?..One of the guy said loudly like the other cant hear..they started the game again i think some thing happened after that of the team lost.. Comments started again..0ne of the guys who is not really famliar with game..his partner makes comments like teaching him but in sarcastic ways with a little anger in his voice..Oh they are shouting again ...its loud..some are laughing some saying NOOoo...ok one of them is teaching his partner as he did not know..oh the teacher is angry ... the pupil is of the other team member is having fun out of his evil laugh watching those guys..the game continued after that incident..the anger moments are gone..the game is now in silent mode..oh once again the shouting but this time the intensity was not that high...the teacher once again scoulded his partner..but in a light manner..the pupil also makes a comment..seems like feeling a bit relieved..but not for the teacher is explaing the other team members..he's learning, said to the other guy..the game started..he just ordered me to go to the kitchen and turn off the fire to pressure cooker..something is cooking..i think they are very busy in playing game..maybe after a long time they are playing cards..coming to the game..they are shouting of them goes to eat some thing..because of the other three are fighting..he goes to the fridge..he tries to take out some thing..Oye thats for later, the pupil in his oponent's team said..he was noticed..ok he comes back with a little unhappy expression on his face..joines the game..bro we lost it,, we lost,,..saying in a funny way..with a smile as soon as he joins the game...he just dived into the game straight away like he wasn't hungry anymore..they are playing again..teacher is teaching the others are laughing..n one of them is silent..or talks sometimes but not loud..he thinks he is not talking much and if he say something that must be usefull.. oh no, i think he is also flowing with the game now..his voice is getting loud..and making the other makes..but all of the others voices are not that loud and intense anymore..may be its his respect that they are not ignoring him..but he is the youngest its not the reason..maybe just subconsciously..or it maybe that they are tired because of shouting too much..the game seems a bit smooth..the poor pupil picked up the art of game a bit and trying to keep his pace with the game..the teacher is as usuall explaining...the game continues..