Monday, September 19, 2005

To The Cat

Dear Cat,

I have seen you a couple of times from my front door while you are on your catwalk. You have seen me as well. Remember once I tried to seduce you even though I saw a tag in your neck. You are indeed very loyal to your master. I admire your resistive powers of seduction. I had no bad intentions for you that day, in fact I liked you.

Last night when I was cooking and serving my self a delicious dinner, I went to the backyard through the back door to get some juicy sour lemons. I found the black rubbish bag has been torn apart. And the rubbish was scattered all over the beautiful yard. You damn stupid cat, that’s it from me. It’s the second time you did this. Last time you did it, I spared you. I did not take any action. I cleaned the yard all by myself. But stupid brainless cat, can’t you see it has been raining cats and dogs for two days. Why the heck you have to do your dinner at my back yard and then leaving all the mess there.

It’s time for you to die. I’ll definitely kill you, and I mean it if you do it next time. But for now to teach you a lesson, I’ll Catnap you. I’ll torture you so that you remember not to do your candle light dinners in my backyard. I’ll make you drunk even stoned if I have to and I am deadly serious. You have called on my devil and now you have to face the consequences of the fury of my evil.

No Mercy!

Your Catnapper.

Sunday, September 18, 2005

~Live from Tv~

These political leaders speeches are going on. I missed writing Don's speech that was full of tributes to the people.
Cameras and people are waiting outside Helens house.
Labour has 50 and National has 49 seats.
It’s a victory for National because they think they will do coalition. Don is happy what he has recovered from nothing to so much.
Helen is a good leader though. She will do her speech with much more power and with a lion’s roar.
Brash is still in front of camera answering questions of the curious newspaper, radio and TV guys. Brash is answering questions one by one but no one is shouting for questions.
Brash is just continuously and recklessly answering questions. He has this quality of leadership. These radio mic holders are just asking questions. These newscasters have their own special way of speaking. That’s the news style talking. It is a very good style of funny talking though. This newscaster is just so fast reader and speaks with tones changing one by one.
Cameras are still out side Helen’s home with security out side.
As they wait for Helen, they starts showing another party leader's speech. This leader, She won or lost, I don’t know. But she is saying some Names and then telling them that they are great full people. She is saying "to win four seats is really proud of me". She is emotional, saying something in Maori. She is saying that she didn’t wanted to come to politics, "but I came for solving peoples problems". A Maori leader’s speech.

Back to the news station, there are political experts sitting there from universities. News caster asking questions seriously and curiously.
Ok wait something interesting; Don is on TV there are these supporters behind him. And two of them are Indians. They are smiling hard because they were right behind Don’s shoulder where you could see their faces on TV. They are happy for no reason maybe they are on TV. Interesting part is one of a dark smiling dude gets a call on his mobile as he receives the call he looks at the camera saying Hello by waving his hand as he know who is watching him.
Cameras zoomed to Helens Home; a guy comes out of a car and goes to Helen’s house. Cameras zoom in and zooms out while the news caster changes her tones and starts doing commentary about what is happening.

Everywhere there is party going on whether for one “party” or another. In a club there is a virtual parliament pool house. They have setup a parliament’s seats by pool balls. Cameras are just everywhere.

Cameras back to expert’s discussion. They are discussing the possibilities of forming govt. which party will do coalition with which party to form govt.

Diverted and more important news is a crazy pilot is in the air threatening to collide with sky tower, and doing demands. Drama ended with the crazy pilot’s plane in water. Probably by shadowing of a police helicopter.

Cameras gone to newscaster who has the news about the parties. And she points it to Don Brash where he is answering some questions very loudly.

*Channel changed...
*Channel Changed Back...

News caster telling news about some town’s political leaders. But not very loud and her volume does not have very high intensity. She goodbye us. She thanks and Cameras go to another newscaster. Where he says some news and cameras goes to Helen’s house.

There are high chances for Helen coming out of her house this time as the door opens and closes. This is very curious moment. People are waiting what Helen will say about Don's speech. They are making decisions in side the house. There might be a speech writer writing for Helen. While Helen might be remembering the speech. These leaders are indeed leaders. They know what they are doing and they know how to play the game of running a country. It is something like Sims City if one has played.

**I am going to drink some water***

*Panic Panic*
Prime minister comes out, Helen in her red suite. Cameras are on her; camera flashes are flashing causing the screen to be white. I think she sat in a car camera while people are whistling. She goes to car and goes away on the road. There are cars and people going behind the cars. And some are on bikes as well!

A helicopter view is shown, cameras chasing Helens car. It is night and the roads are lighted colored. Two cars going on the road, while people are out on the roads shouting for them. It’s a day in the night; bridges are lighted like a moon.

Her car stops and she comes out, the cameras runs to her, "how s what, ", “How’s you feeling prime minister", some crazy mic holders asks her. She doesn’t reply, and walks in the crowd. Cameras are just flashing, people are shouting, music is loud. People are clapping as she goes on the stage; she receives flowers from someone on the stage. The crowd is shouting, “We want you”, while Helen is standing in front of people. A bloke praises Helen and her past 6 years in Governance.
He invites prime minister of New Zealand. She slowly goes to the stage. “Perhaps I should start by saying Thank you mainstream New Zealand”, She said and goes quite for a while and the crowd shouts. She looks down and then up and starts again, “We have the opportunity to form a new Govt. with coalition”, and stops, while the crowd go crazy. Her voice is strong and she is very serious, deadly serious. She is telling what she has done in her past six years.
She is telling what her importance’s are and how to bring New Zealanders together. Because her election campaign was the historic reasons for bringing New Zealanders together". She stops the crowd goes crazy shouts, "We want you, We want you". They are shouting she is looking at them. She starts again and tells some more...
She thanks her team, and people, and the whole New Zealand by dimensioning the map. Thanking the North and East corners and the West and South corner. She is thanking people for giving the opportunity to take the government...”Thank you every body”... She shakes her head twice thrice looking at the crowd, some team members and Labourers. Cameras stays on her for a while.

Cameras back to newscaster, they say something that I missed.
The camera goes to Helen again as she answers some question.
Camera moves back to the newscaster as she explains about every major cities voting results. Some little towns are also discussed, as did they lose their last seat or win.

I don’t feel like writing all this, tired. Will skip some...

I am thinking where these leaders come from. They born in some school politics, become popular. Increase their popularity in University and College politics. Where the news catches them in strikes and other activities they conduct. The popularity depends on the campaign. The campaign is the main stream to win elections. They make themselves popular by campaigning and doing speeches to the public.

Helen is back on screen. Political Experts asks her questions. She is confidently answering him. As soon as she stops, the expert asks another question. Oh the sound is lost. The expert is in the newsroom. He is apologizing as they are having technical difficulties. He apologizes and asks prime minister as she can hear him or not. And then camera goes to a newscaster where she apologizes and the commercials are on TV now.