Saturday, September 17, 2005

Tonight is The Night!!

They have been campaining like maniacs to get votes. Each and every vote was important to them, except a few. Campaining is over and its the election day here in Aotear0a New Zealand. Two major parties, Labour and National are colliding head to head with swords in their hands ready to chop each others heads of. It is fun to see some fountains of blood from human headless bodies.

Its time to go and vote. I personally will be voting for Labour, the govertment lead by beautiful Aunty Helen Clark, loves to wear Red, the prime minister of Aotearoa for the last five or so years and ex-model.

Don Brash, leader of National, bold shiny headed with glasses on and a big cheeky smile on his face when infront of camera, kiss-ass american, is the opponent wannabe prime minister.

Winston Peter, leader of NZ First, an anti-muslim, anti-maori, anti-truth, anti-black, anti-human, and all the bad words associates with him. A bloke with no respect. Swear him and you'll go to heaven straightaway. He is the bloke trying to fit in somewhere.

So I 'll be voting for Aunty Helen today to make the world a better place to live.

Monday, September 12, 2005

How I tortured my time...

I have been lazy for the last dozen days. I killed my time. Oh wait I didn't kill it straight away. I slowly tortured it. I tied it with its hair and peeled off its skin and salted it with red chilli and cooked it and burnt in the darkest of hells flame. I showered it with boiling lava from deep down the farthest mountains of darkshadows. I abused it. I made it to sit on the black cursed chair of death while I watched it being electorcuted. I could smell the black smoke rising from it. I laughed as its screem echoed from the hells gate. I laughed when it cried from the dreadfull pain that I caused as I pulled its eyes out.I took it through the painfull adventures with the bloody deamons. There I draged it to the black cold skull beach where there is only blood.