Friday, February 03, 2006

My lost goth

Since november, I am no more of a goth anymore. Being goth is like living in dark, thinking in dark and looking in dark. Most of the time isolated from the outside world, and dont like day time. In simple words, its being in a different world that is hard to imagine for a non-goth.
Added: Not speaking much and especially with non-goths, it seems to them as aliens, and especially in nongoth in goth party is an alien, and thats what lead some to be very voilent and so is the music sounds voilent to others, but not to goths lovers of red blood living in the fantasy of red rain fall blood drops. And many wants to be dracula...

Tuesday, January 31, 2006

A New Project.

Time to start a serious project that is inteded to help many aligators. I mean bloggers.

Project Name: Project Blorkilator
Audience: Bloggers
Technology: => MSIE6, Firefox 1.0, Safari and Opera 7.1+.
Language: Java Script
Status: Planning
Version: 0.0.000

I am trying to write complicated stuff up there so I dont slip off this project.
SA > AK > KY presents another

Download using right click to DesktopControl Panel > Mouse > Pointers{TAB} > [Normal Select] > [Browse] to Desktop> [Apply]

Sunday, January 29, 2006

"Is it ok for a pukhtun to marry non-pukhtun?"

As the pukhtun nationalism is its on hot lines after the flamming Kalabagh issue. There was this interesting topic caught me in a forum.
"Is it ok for a pukhtun to marry non-pukhtun?"

Most of the members were pukhtun and the views well were scared.

Here are some of the views:

Pakhtoon guys marrying non Pakhtoon girls, this results in their children speaking the language of their mother instead of Pukhto, thus Pukhto is dying. One should refrain from marrying a non pukhtun.

Some people talked about "Love". [Ignore them they are just crazy and blind, cant be bothered to flush their feelings]


"Dude, you should be out on hunting Imran Khan."

Its ok for a pukhtun male to marry a non pukhtun girl but not the otherway around. Reson: Its just how it works.

"Warning: Mixed marriages can produce non-ethenic kids." [How true, I heared people saying, "I am pathan but I dont speak Pashto." Is it just about Pashto? Thats ok. Where is your Pukhtunwali?"

Personal Opinion..personal choices.. bla bla bla... [All that stuff, you know it and you must would have heared it before]

"So what about me? I met this indian girl and shes Pathan! "

A muslim can marry any muslim!

[Now this one is pretty "funny?"]

"Pukhtoon women marrying into non Pukhtoon families and especially into Punjabi families is rare however the rare cases can be attributed to the Indian movies and their influance on the young generation. I think these movies are doing more damage to our culture then those Pakistani freaks in Islamabad.The same is the case with gys they see someone walking on the street who looks like some famous Indian actress most likely that girl will not be a Pukhtoon because Pukhtoons have Aryan features and do not have anything common with the Indian race thus the flabergausted Dum ass Pukhtoon runs presumes him self to a part of an indian movie hero and tries his best to find an ugly duckling of Indian origin. " (Nangyalee).

[And this one]
"I know one pakhtoon his wife is white (angreaz) and they have 8 kids. :D" [Typical]

If you mix Milk with Alcahol - Its neither Milk nor Alcahol any more. And have you ever seen a donkey with a monkey?

I have seen non-pukhtun dont want to marry Pukhtun too for whatever reasons!

These days people look fer the profession of the guy..and as it is obvious our pakhtun boys arnt dat much interested in studies compared to the non- pakhtuns. So buckle up boys ;)

The whole idea of reproduction is to initroduce new genes to the already existing gene pool, to allow for more varied offspring.

My opinion:
It varies from person to person, family to family and tribe to tribe. And its a huge huge topic. But I dont want my kid saying, "I am half pukhtun, quater irish, a little bit of pakeha, traces of arab,...".
However a pukhtun male can marry a non pukhtun girl but not the other way around. Why? More on this later in edited version.

Future of ANP

"I am telling Wali (Khan) and others to throw my body into a river so that there is no mausoleum of mine. The Pakhtuns love only their leaders after death. They will come to my grave and pay respect like a saint. I am not a saint. They are not listening to me while I am alive. Think over what I am saying. I am not your Baba but your servant," Khan Abdul Ghaffar khan addressing the nation, now known as Bacha Khan.
Now that Wali Khan has passed away with his funeral held at Jinnah Park (Pesh.) was flooded with people paying their respect to the successor and son of Bacha Khan. His politics had a full stop in 90 and the leadership was mostly under Asfandyar but his presence kept the party united and his follower's hearts strengthened. Indeed Asfandyar will have to work even more harder to keep the party united and to keep to the people attached to the roots and philosophy of Bacha Khan.