Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Predict Conversation by Initiation

One thing that I have observed to predict how may the conversation be with a completly stranger. This is done by, what I call it, "initiation". Following I'll explain what initiation is and how can you predict the conversation by it with a person that you have never met before.

There are different types of Initiations. The yet discovered one is physical initiation. A physical initiation is carried out by the movement of your body. To understand it, here is a scenario in which the initiation is carried out.

I am sitting in a Library with my computer and doing my work. A person walks by and sits right next to me. He is tall and dark, i leave the rest to your imagination. And one more thing he looks like sporty. I look at him as he sits, and then carry on my work. He takes out his books and laptop from his bag. And starts doing his work. After a while I start moving and doing my work. Then my legs starts moving up and down as I type. In a while the person next to me starts to do the same. His legs are moving the same way as mine and doing his work. As I stop doing, after a while his legs stops too. And then I start and in a while his legs starts moving, obviously a bit different the mine though. To be continued...

Initiation is done my making another person to do something without any direct conversation.

Another type of initiation is indirect conversation. That is not covered in this section.

So from the above initiation of the person I can predict how well my conversation be with this stranger. If I start topic of something related to his interest or of which he is well aware of, he'll keep the conversation going. But it wont stay for long, if I stop making the conversation go on. And if I start again a conversation he'll keep the conversation going as I am going with the conversation.


Now I stop moving for a while, and gets in to my work a bit deep. He stops as well after a while. I keep it like this for a bit longer time, and then I start again. But this time initiation could not carry on. He is just doing his work.

Once we leave each, it will be harder to keep the conversation going again next time. And it will require stronger initiation from my side, and He will not initiate me.

So if you starts initiating a person, see if that person responds. If there is no responce it is unlikely that the conversation may go long. And there are different physical initiations for different person. The trick is, to find out what initiates a person.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Time Machine For Sale

This magnificent peice of machinery has been imported from the future and was found on sale in the past on Trade me auctions. Read the intellectual questions and answers asked from the buyer to add some 1's and 0's to your knowledge.

Time Machine for Sale

Sunday, April 30, 2006


About The world,
Look at the Stars,
and unviel the secrets,
Look at the vastness of the heavens(universe),
with stars in it,
moon in it,
and the sun in it.

And look at everything,
and everything,
merry goes round.

From a wanderer,
you look for things,
you ask for help,
you adapt yourself,
you sink things,
inside urself,
you make yourself,
the powerfull one.
From the strength of power,
you lose your wisdom,
you look for self,
you find instructions,
you goto destruction.
you fail,
then you pass,
you are nothing,
and then something.
You move on,
and you find wisdom.

Thats the precious gift life can offer,
never regect,
never forget,
to accept,
to move on,
to find for yourself,
and everything.

Wise man story

Yesterday I met a wise man.
He asked me, What is a football champion?
He answered, An animal.
He told me, Seek knowledge, that is what makes us different from animals.